Venerable Robina – How to loosen the grip of ego

How to loosen the grip of ego by understanding dependent arising and emptiness

2 Sessions: Thursdays at 7.30pm 6 and 20 August

Venerable Robina 2015 - Loosen the grip of egoWe spend our lives being seduced by the outside world, believing completely that happiness and suffering come from “out there”. By understanding emptiness – that everything occurs in dependence upon causes and conditions and, crucially, that there’s nothing intrinsic in anything that makes it what it is, we can gradually loosen the grip of ego-grasping and begin to develop our innate potential for clarity, courage, and the ability to benefit others.

Venerable Robina’s teachings are well-attended and as we have a limited seating capacity we recommend that you book and pay online in advance. View Venerable Robina’s entire teaching program for August 2015

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Last session was held on 20 Aug. Bookings are now closed.
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