Tibetan Book of the Dead – An Introduction

Tibetan Book of the Dead – An Introduction
A Two Part Workshop by Len Warren & the Wheel of Life Team
Part 1: 2pm Saturday 18 July 2015 and
Part 2: 2pm Saturday 19 September 2015



The Tibetan Book of the Dead is probably ‘The most celebrated and widely read work of Tibetan literature outside of Tibet’, an ‘Extraordinary guide to the experiences of living, dying, death and rebirth’.

In our two workshops, we will focus on the intermediate state between death and rebirth, often called the bardo. We will start by reviewing the actual stages one goes through as one dies and then move on to what happens to the consciousness after it separates from the body and journeys through the intermediate state.

Apparently, for many people, the bardo can be a frightening experience. For others it can be blissful and transforming. It is well to be prepared beforehand for what one might encounter. It is good to remember that what we experience in the bardo are the karmic imprints on our mindstream. When we practice mindfulness, we help ourselves in life, and in the bardo, to recognize delusion and not be caught or trapped within it.

We will have our usual mix of presentations, discussions and meditations – and afternoon tea. You will be invited to read a paragraph from the Book of the Dead as you would in the Tibetan tradition where it is read to the ‘dead’ person.

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Suggested donation is $20 per workshop

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