Verses from Nagarjuna to help understand dependent origination

Here are the four verses Geshe Sonam quoted from Arya Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland (Ratnavali) – on Sunday August 9. These verses are recommended for us to better understand dependant origination – because motivated by compassion the degree to which we understand dependent origination is the degree to which we can be of real benefit….

Whatever is dependently originated,
that is explained as emptiness.
That being a dependant orignination
is itself the middle way.

That which is not dependently orginated,
Such a thing does not exist,
Therefore that which is not empty
Such a thing does not exist.

A person is not earth, not water,
Not fire, not wind, not space,
Not consciousness, and not all of them.
What person is there other than these?

Just as a person is not real
Due to being a composite of six constituents,
So each of the constituents also
Is not real due to being a composite.

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