His Eminence, Choden Rinpoche 1933-2015

HE Choden RinpocheWe were saddened to learn that His Eminence, Choden Rinpoche passed away at Sera Jey Monastery at 1.30 in the morning India time on 11 September 2015. Rinpoche has taught and given initiations at Hayagriva a number of times.

Born in 1933, Rinpoche was am eminent scholar and highly realised meditator.

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To help create the causes for him to return as a teacher, practices were held at our Centre on 12 and 13 Sep 2015.

  • Yamantaka Self-Initiation (restricted attendance) 2pm Sat 12 Sept (1pm for setting up)
    Those who received the Yamantaka Initiation could attend the first half of the practice (the long sadhana) but only those who had completed the Yamantaka retreat and fire puja could do the second half, the self-initiation.
  • Guru Puja (without tsog) approx 3.30pm Sun 13 Sept
    Geshe Sonam’s normal teaching on Sunday at 2.30pm was shortened to make way for this special event. Geshe Sonam advised it would be beneficial for Hayagriva students to do the Guru Puja without the usual tsog practice. Offerings of food/flowers welcome.

Please dedicate the merit of your practices that H.E.Choden Rinpoche quickly returns to guide us.

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