Buddhism 1-2-3: All About Karma 14, 21 and 28 Oct 2015


Buddhism 1-2-3: All About Karma
7.30pm Wednesdays
14, 21 and 28 October 2015

with Owen Cole

Karma is inescapable. The karma we created in the past determines the life we lead now. The karma we create now determines our future. Fortunately, any negative karma can be purified and there is a clear path to generate positive karma which results in happiness. Owen has studied Buddhism for more than 35 years over which time he has done teachings with a number of lamas and many retreats.

Buddhism 1-2-3 is a user-friendly program presented by experienced western students designed to help you gain an experience of the path as well as learn more about the Buddhist teachings. The program will involve a combination of western-style teaching, practical experience through meditation, and discussion.

Suitable for new or more experienced students.

Price: By Donation

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