Venerable Dekyi – Jan-Feb 2016

Summer 2016 – Buddhism at Hayagriva

From January to mid-February Venerable Jampa Dekyi will lead a series of teachings and workshops.

Saturday Workshops
(All will include teaching, discussion and meditation)

  • What Do You Really Want
    Sat 16 January 1-4pm

    Are you satisfied with your life or do you sometimes feel that there is something missing? Does life have a purpose? Is lasting happiness and peace achievable? This workshop will look at these questions from a Buddhist perspective and examine whether the answers could be beneficial guidelines for our lives.

    Price: See below   • Registration: Click here to Book & Pay Online

  • What Happens When We Die
    Sat 23 January 1-4 pm

    Learn about the Buddhist view on death, (which is in fact very positive).
    Explore answers to the following questions
    • What happens when we die?
    • What is re-incarnation?
    • How does the way we live our life affect our death?
    • How can we best prepare for our own death?
    • How can we help loved ones who are dying?

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  • Dealing With Destructive Emotions
    Sat 13 February 1-4 pm

    We can all remember times when anger, jealousy or obsessive desire got the best of us and we ended up engaging in words and/or deeds that harmed others and ultimately harmed us. There is no doubt that we regret these episodes. Buddhism has many techniques that we can use to connect with our innate loving-kindness, wisdom and compassion which are powerful antidotes to all our destructive emotions.

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Saturday Workshop Prices Per Person

  • One workshop: $25 (HBC Member $20)
  • Two workshops: $45 (HBC Member $35)
  • Three workshops: $55 (HBC Member $45)

Online Registration and Payment

Weekday Classes

  • Engaging Bodhicitta
    Tuesdays 7.30pm
    January 5, 12 and February 2

    Many of us have taken the Bodhisattva vows – making a promise to achieve enlightenment and lead all beings to the state of complete and perfect enlightenment. As Lama Zopa might say “WOW -WOW- WOW!”

    However, have we sincerely contemplated the significance of this?
    Just reciting our daily practice is not going to get us to our goal. These teachings will look at whether we have a stable foundation and explore the advice of great masters on how to practice the Six Perfections.

    Price: By Donation   • Registration: Online Registration Coming Soon!

  • Everyone Can Meditate – Even You!!
    Thursdays 10:30am – 12:00 ↢ Weekday morning teaching
    January 7, 14, 21, 28

    These teachings will show you how easy meditation can be and guide you through actual meditations. It’s certainly not about beating our thoughts into submission or pushing them away or trying to “empty” our minds. By treating our body and our mind with kindness, and learning how to be relaxed and open, we can experience the joy and peace of skillful meditation.
    We have yoga mats which can be used to meditate in the supine position – an added option and something you might like to try!

    Price: By Donation   • Registration: Online Registration Coming Soon!

  • The A to Z of the Buddhist Path
    Sundays 2:30pm
    January 10, 17, 24, 31 and February 7, 14

    “I regard as the most important thing in the world anybody who dedicates his or her life to achieving Lam-Rim realizations. You can be doing business and studying and meditating on the Lam-Rim. You can have family and a job, and be meditating on the Lam-Rim.”

    Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche.

    The Lam Rim is a complete summary of the Buddha’s teachings. This course will present the teachings at a practical level with meditations that you can practice at home. The Buddha’s teachings were given to overcome the mental and physical problems we face on a day-to-day basis and the continual cycle of death and rebirth.

    Price: By Donation   • Registration: Online Registration Coming Soon!

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