Venerable Jampa Dekyi teachings Feb 2017

Venerable Jampa Dekyi

See below for full details of her classes and workshops

Venerable Dekyi’s wish is to share the beauty, depth and practical compassion of the Buddha Dharma with all who have an interest. She is warm and irrepressible and says: “I’ve always had this sense that I could deal with whatever happened”.

A popular and regular teacher at our Centre, Venerable Dekyi met the Dharma in 1992 and realised immediately that there was no other way for her to live. She was ordained a year later, has studied the Buddha Dharma in depth, taught at a number of FPMT centres, and has a broad understanding of secular life.

Details of Ven Dekyi’s Teachings & Workshops

Sunday Teachings

• Keeping the Dharma Relevant to Our Life
2.30pm Sunday 5 February
Tsong Khapa’s famous Lam Rim says: “All teachings are to be taken as personal instructions”. The teachings have to inform all our thoughts words and actions – we need to turn the written Dharma into lived Dharma. This talk will look at the many ways in which this can be done.
By donation.

• Happiness Through Wisdom
2.30pm Sunday 12 February
The root cause of all our suffering, is our mistaken understanding of reality. We are suffering not because we are “bad” but because we are ignorant. The more we are able to attune with reality, the happier we will be. The Heart Sutra mentions that the Bodhisattva has “gone beyond sorrow” – he or she has attained lasting happiness through understanding the emptiness of inherent existence of all phenomena. While it could take a lifetime to understand this, even a small understanding can help us to be happier.
By donation.

• Compassion – the Door to Inner Peace
2.30pm Sunday 19 February
According to Buddhism, compassion is not pity but the sincere wish that all living beings be free of suffering and its causes. Research has shown that people who are mainly concerned with benefitting others are a lot happier than those who are self-centred. Learn more about this inconceivably beneficial mind-state.
By donation.

Tuesday Teachings

• The Eight Anxieties
7.30pm Tuesday 7 and 14 February
Renouncing these anxieties is the first step if we want to be happy. They destroy our peace of mind and lead to negative emotions such as anger, attachment, jealousy, laziness and guilt. Learn how to recognise when they have taken control and what to do about it.
By donation.

Saturday Workshops

• Purification not Guilt. A Practical Workshop
1-4pm Saturday 11 February
We have all felt guilty about things we have done that have hurt ourselves and others. These actions have created negative karma that will lead to future suffering. Feeling guilty is not a solution but purification meditations are. Any negative karma can be purified by sincerely undertaking purification practices. Venerable Dekyi will explain and help you do some of these practices.

• Shakyamuni Buddha Practice & Mantras for Everyday Life
1-4pm Saturday 18 February
Mantras, meaning “mind protection”, are Sanskrit syllables that embody the qualities of the deity with which they are associated. They bring benefit to all who see, touch, hear or speak them. One important practice is that of Shakyamuni Buddha – the source of all Dharma. By engaging in the practice of Shakyamuni we can cultivate a connection with our Perfect Teacher and all sentient beings who have Buddha nature. We will also learn how to use mantras in daily life situations.

Each Workshop $25 ($20 financial Hayagriva Members)
Two Workshops $45 ($35 financial Hayagriva Members)

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