White Dzambhala Jenang – 19 Mar 2017

White Dzambhala Jenang
2.30pm Sun 19 March

White Dzambhala is an aspect of the Buddha’s enlightened mind that enhances our karma to generate wealth to be able to practice the dharma. Dzambhala is an aspect of the Buddha of compassion, Chenrezig. The Jenang, for which there is no ongoing practice commitment, gives students the blessing to say the White Dzambala mantra.

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche said: “The purpose of practicing Dzambhala is to receive everything required to practice Dharma; to benefit all other sentient beings extensively by relieving their poverty, liberating them from suffering, giving them whatever they need to practice Dharma.”

The White Dzambhala practice booklet is available from FPMT International website.

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