Comtemplative Art Workshop – June 2017

What is Contemplative Art?

  • Contemplative Art is about connecting inner calm and self-awareness with the creative process. We can achieve better emotional balance by giving artistic expression to how we feel and where we are at without censorship or judgement.

What will you learn?

  • In this workshop you will make a close connection and observation of our own
    consciousness, motivations and emotional states and translate them into artistic expression.
  • To create visual art without being lost in thoughts and concepts.
  • To give honest expression to our afflictive emotions in a creative way.
  • To cultivate relaxation, stability and clarity.

Who should participate?

  • It is suitable for all ages, no previous experience in visual art is required.
  • This is not about artistic talent, it is about observing and letting go of expectations.
  • We aim simply to use visual art expression to contemplate our own mind.

Alma Ayon (B.A. Architecture; B.A. Fine Arts; M.A. Psychology)
is an artist and contemplative who comes from Mexico. She is also a certified Cultivating Emotional Balance teacher. She has numerous years of teaching experience in leading meditation and contemplative art. Alma is the creator of the artwork featured on The Contemplary website You can also view a selection of Alma’s work on

To make a booking contact
Poh Choo Tan
0407 684 704

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