Holy Relics 14-22 Oct 2017: Schedule of Events

Holy Relics Exhibition at Hayagriva: 14 – 22 Oct
Regular teachings and meditations will continue during this exhibition however yoga classes have been cancelled. Check out our calendar for details.

Relics Viewing: Open to the public 10am to 6pm Sat 14 Oct to Sun 22 Oct
Circumambulate the relics for skies of merit and deep purification. Click here to read Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche's precious teachings on "How to Circumambulate". You can also collect merit by writing out the Sanghata Sutra and Tsedo Sutra for Long Life. Text and pens provided. Read more on the benefits of the Sanghata Sutra


Blessing with Relics for the public by Venerable Jampa:
11am-2pm Tue 17 Oct & 10am-12noon Sat 21 Oct


Blessing with Relics for Animals, Birds: 1-2pm Sat 14 and 21 Oct
Geshe Sonam will conduct this blessing outside in the courtyard behind the gompa. Please manage your pet with a leash, in a cage, in a box and keep them close to you at all times. Animals are not permitted inside the gompa but an exception will be made for unwell animals and birds. Please inform one of the volunteers.


Recitation of the Vajracutter Sutra & the
Dependent Arising – A Praise of the Buddha text:
6-9pm Thu 19 Oct

As recommended by Khadrola for Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s long life, Matt, our interpreter, will lead a recitation of the “Vajracutter Sutra” and “Dependent Arising – A Praise of the Buddha” text.


Sutra Recitation of The Sutra of the Golden Light: 6-9pm Sat 21 Oct
Matt, our interpreter, will lead a recitation of the Golden Light Sutra to bring peace and provide incredible protection to the country from violence. You can stay an hour or three!
More on the benefits of The Sutra of the Golden Light. )

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