Account of High Tea Fund Raiser held on 18 November 2017

High Tea Fundraiser was held at HBC on 18 Nov 2017

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We were blessed with perfect weather on November 18 for our High Tea Event.

The afternoon started off with a powerful teaching from Geshela on Mind Training. Geshela spoke on the importance of harmony in everything we do, in our relationships at work, with our family, loved ones and friends and the people we cross path with, each day. “Harmony is the key to Happiness,” Geshela said and the way to go about achieving this is to examine our own minds and our perceptions of the external world and our own internal responses.

After the teachings we were all treated to an afternoon of tea served in fine china and a marvellous selection of scrumptious cakes and savouries, all lovingly made by our kind volunteers. Our resident violinist, Susan Di Bona entertained us with exquisite music from the classics, ranging from Vivaldi, Kreistler and Mozart and some jazz. Then some lovely Bhutanese lasses in their gorgeous national dress made a dance offering to Geshela. This was enthusiastically joined in by Matt Whiston, our resident translator and member Poh Choo to the delight and appreciation of the crowd. In between entertainment we had a silent auction and a raffle draw. Fong our green thumbed member provided plants for sale which were eagerly snapped up.

It was a most satisfying afternoon and most evident was a spirit of generosity, kindness and good will.

We raised $4043 which will go towards Geshela’s current (in December) and future travel next year and HBC’s expenses.

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