Cultivating Emotional Balance 2018 with Jude Milan

6 Sessions on Saturday, one per month. Begins 14 July 2018

Our emotions create richness in our life – they help us navigate our lives, discern what we need, and relate to others. Yet, overwhelming emotions can leave us feeling triggered, stressed, drained, disempowered from our own mental processes, and can result in fractured relationships with others. The information and training from this course will transform your emotional inner world, so you become a skilled ‘emotional athlete’ that is calm, present and positively engaged with others.


CEB, a secular training course, emerged from a dialogue between behavioural scientists, the Dalai Lama, Buddhist monks and scholars. It draws on the wisdom of contemplative meditation practices and emotional research to develop emotion skills to help people to better understand their emotional life, and thereby increase constructive and decrease destructive emotional engagements.


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