Venerable Robina in Western Australia during July 2018

“We have the power to look into our own minds, to recognize what harms us, and out of enormous self respect, we can learn to change the poison; we can learn to get rid of the neuroses. This is all Buddha is saying.” – Venerable Robina


Venerable Robina is funny, dynamic, affectionate, kind and outrageous. She will challenge you, make you think about your life, make you laugh and move your heart. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear her in person.

Ordained as a Buddhist nun for 35 years, Venerable Robina has edited many dharma books and the FPMT’s international Mandala magazine, featured in two movies, run the Liberation Prison Project, and tours the world inspiring others with her teachings from the heart.

Use the link below to book and pay online to assure your place as we have limited capacity. Course fees cover the cost of bringing Venerable Robina to Perth and support our Centre.


View details and book your seat to her sessions at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre

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