Serge’s Goodbye Message

Serge’s Goodbye Message

Dear dharma friends,

As some of you already know I have made the decision to go back to France with my family. As I explained to a few people, what I will miss the most when leaving is my Australian dharma family that I met at the Hayagriva Buddhist centre.

In the last four years, there were times when I felt homesick but the people at Hayagriva and the teachings from Geshela have always been of great support to myself and my family. As I explained to Geshela I haven’t yet the inner peace that will enable me to be happy anywhere I go but I’m working on it. Although I feel that my heart is in France, there will always be a part of me that remains at the Hayagriva Buddhist Centre.

These life changing events, be they good or bad are always a great opportunity to put the dharma teachings into practice to advance on the path. While living in France I will be near the Vajra Yogini FPMT centre and the Nalanda monastery in the south of France. As I meet new dharma friends and new teachers, I will try to carry on with the basic program at Hayagriva to maintain my connection with the centre and my teacher.

I wish the Hayagriva centre and its students all the best for the years to come. I wish you all to create the merits to fulfil all your aspirations for the benefit of all sentient beings.

I hope that we meet again in this life and if not, I’ll catch up with you on the path some other time.

Last but not least by any means, a big thank you to our teacher Geshe Sonam for his teachings and his inspiring qualities. We are very fortunate to have such a highly knowledgeable teacher available to us in Perth. Geshela, may you be able to remain in Perth and continue to guide all sentient beings towards happiness.

Bye for now dear friends and if you go to France come for a visit.

With lots of love and warm hugs.


May the glorious gurus’ lives be long and stable.
May all beings equalling the extent of space have happiness.
May I and others without exception accumulate merit and purify negativities,
And may we be blessed to quickly attain Buddhahood.

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