Holy Day – Chökhor Düchen – 4 Aug 2019

Chökhor Düchen, one of the four annual holy days, takes place this year on August 4. On these holy days, the power of any meritorious action is multiplied by 100 million, as cited by Lama Zopa Rinpoche from the Vinaya text Treasure of Quotations and Logic. Specific advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche for practices to do on merit multiplying days such as Chökhor Düchen can be found here.

Known in English as “Turning the Wheel of Dharma,” Chökhor Düchen commemorates the anniversary of Guru Shakyamuni Buddha’s first teaching. It is said that for seven weeks after his enlightenment, the Buddha did not teach. Afterward, Indra and Brahma offered a Dharmachakra and a conch shell and requested Guru Shakyamuni Buddha to teach. Accepting, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha turned the wheel of Dharma for the first time at Sarnath by teaching “The Four Noble Truths”.

If you decide to recite the Sutra of Golden Light on this special day, you might like to report your recitations using the reporting facility on FPMT.org.

Chökhor Düchen is also the day on which FPMT celebrates International Sangha Day. International Sangha Day provides an opportunity for the lay and monastic communities to come together in recognition of their interdependence and acknowledge the ways in which they rely on each other for the practice of Dharma.

To read more on Chökhor Düchen and International Sangha Day click here

Program of Events at HBC on Sat 3 and Sun 4 August

Sat 3 Aug 2pm
In order not to disrupt the centre’s normal program, we are setting up the tables and offering bowls on Saturday, the eve of the Holy Day, as is the practice of some of the great monasteries. This will include purification of water bowls as well as filling them. On Sunday at 1pm, before normal teachings begin, we will top up the bowls with extra drops of water and add flowers. Please come and help us in an afternoon of merit making.

Sun 4 Aug

  • 6.30am Precepts with Geshela
  • 4pm Light Offering followed by Shakyamuni Buddha Puja
  • Offering of food, flowers are welcome at the puja. Tea lights will be available by donation at HBC for the light offering.

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