A big thank you for Sangha Fundraiser Lunch

Sangha Fundraiser on 8 Dec 2019 at HBC

Thank you to all (40 attendees) who attended the Sangha Fundraiser Lunch held on 8 Dec 2019 at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre.

This event was to build funds for the Australian FPMT Sangha Welfare Fund to help make our Sangha’s lives a little easier in maintaining their vows. It was also an opportunity to thank Geshela for all his work throughout 2019 and to wish him a good journey and holiday in India.

Special thanks to Sony Tang who generously catered for the event providing a yummy vegetarian cooked meal, desserts and coffee. Sony is about to launch a new eatery called “Veggie Bowl” in Hampden Rd Nedlands which is strictly vegetarian food. It will be open for lunch (11.30am to 2.30pm) on weekdays (Monday to Friday). We wish him well in this new venture.

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