Geshe Zopa on the Power of Listening to Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Teachings

The Power of Listening to
Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Teachings

By Geshe Zopa recorded on 20/04/2020

Tashi Delek to all dear dharma brothers and sisters in Perth, Bunbury and Broome and all others from FPMT from around the world reading HBC eNews. Greetings and a lot of prayers and thoughts for you especially during this difficult time for everybody during this health crisis.

I hope everyone is taking good care of your health, both in body and mind, complying with strict measures according to government regulations while using this time to practice dharma.

We should also be taking strict measures with developing dharma wisdom; transforming this time into an opportunity to develop our practice and a good heart.

I want to express how incredibly fortunate we all are in FPMT centres, especially those who already have connection through teachings, vows, commentaries, and transmissions with Rinpoche to have this opportunity to listen study and reflect on Rinpoche’s teachings.

How fortunate we are that he is offering frequent serious and extensive dharma teachings during this period; particularly pertinent for FPMT students. I want to encourage all members to listen to these great teachings/ dharma medicine nectar fulfilling all good causes in our lives, helping to heal this contagion. Please don’t miss this opportunity.

By making use of this time to practice seriously in this way, it helps to heal this pandemic crisis, at the same time also healing our root causes karma and delusions, our faults in karma. These can only be healed by the dharma particularly receiving teachings from our root guru this becomes most effective, healing our heart quickly, healing whatever difficulties are happening in the world, whatever difficulties that we are facing; the dharma nectar from our guru helps us to heal ourselves and develop wisdom compassion, developing our heart, intensifying compassion and working for the welfare of others. This concern for others helps us develop our dharma practice quicker. Receiving these teachings from our root guru loosens the karmic knots that brings about these conditions.

Please take this opportunity to follow up Rinpoche’s teachings; listen and study again and again taking full opportunity to benefit from these teachings by Rinpoche.

Especially due to our karmic connections with Rinpoche his teachings that he has made available to us are the perfect antidote for us.

Whatever problems arise in our lives in relation to our families, job, or health can be healed by this dharma nectar from our guru enabling us to fulfill the true potential of our lives.
By listening to these teachings, we can transform all obstacles into the path, into conducive conditions to practice, developing our wisdom and method, cherishing the welfare of self and others.

I myself listen and follow these teachings, listening again and again; I would like to encourage all our dharma brothers and sisters to do likewise.

Please all stay healthy in body speech and mind, bringing the wisdom of dharma into our hearts so we can benefit everyone, our families and all whom we encounter.
We should dedicate these efforts properly towards resolving this health crisis. We will then get through this period healthy and ready for the future.

We hope and pray that this period will end soon and we all can benefit from this opportunity to practice.
Thank you to all the committee at Hayagriva Centre for encouraging me to express how beneficial it is to listen to our guru teaching and leading us.

Transcribed by John Waite with humble apologies for any mistakes and omissions.

Click here to watch and listen to Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s COVID-19 Crisis Teachings

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