Geshe Tenzin Zopa’s Lojong Teachings begin 10 May 2020

Geshe Tenzin Zopa’s Lojong Teachings

Sundays starting on 10 May at 3pm Perth time

Geshe Zopa will provide a commentary on the Collection of Mind Training teachings (Lojong Teachings), which has been emphasized at this time by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Hayagriva belongs to a regional network of centres supported by FPMT Australia. Hayagriva invites you to join FPMT Australia’s “livestream” of Geshe Zopa’s Lojong Teachings. The first session begins at 3pm (Perth time) on Sunday 10 May. If you are unable to attend, a recording of the session will be made and can be viewed later on Youtube. Use the link provided below.

These teachings are free.

Offerings are welcome. They help us to make offerings to the teacher and to cover costs to keep our centres going especially during this challenging time. They can be made online or via bank transfer. Follow the link below for more details.

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