Alan Carter Online Teachings on 10, 17 and 24 June 2020

Alan Carter Online Teachings 10, 17 and 24 June 2020

Alan Carter is an FPMT registered teacher. He is located in Brisbane but runs an outreach group for the Chenrezig Institute. Read more about Alan below.

Alan will give a teaching on each of 3 Wednesdays. Teachings begin at 4pm Perth time. All teachings are online and accessed via Zoom (if you are not familiar with Zoom please see below for more details).

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  • Renunciation-Developing Strong Wish to Spiritually Evolve

    Wed 10 June 4pm-5.30pm Perth time

    Understanding the nature of our limited existence leads us to want to spiritual evolve. Just as a beautiful pristine lotus arises from the muddy bottom of the lake unsullied by the mud so too can we evolve unsullied by a dysfunctional mental states and inappropriate behavior. We will explore the basis for generating the thought of definite emergence.

  • Correct View-Developing a correct view of Reality

    Wed 17 June 4pm-5.30pm Perth time

    Without understanding the nature of reality-emptiness there is no way to cut free from the bondage of karma and afflictions. In these sessions we will explore ways to get a better understanding of emptiness.

  • Bodhicitta-The most precious mind

    Wed 24 June 4pm-5.30pm Perth time

    Without Bodhicitta there is no way that we can reach our full potential-Buddhahood. In the class we will explore the many benefits of developing this mind and how we go about developing such an amazing mind.

Alan Carter

Alan Carter has successfully completed the Advanced Study Programme at Chenrezig Institute, has attended many Lam Rim retreats and facilitated a Lam Rim Chen Mo group for about 5 years. He was the western resident teacher at Chandrakirti FPMT centre for two years. He currently runs a Chenrezig Institute outreach group in Brisbane. He has led a 1 month Group Lam Rim Chen Mo and a 1 month Gyalwa Gyatso Retreat at Chenrezig Institute. He has taught various Buddhist Philosophy courses at various centres in Australia and New Zealand. People attending often comment on his clear and methodical approach to explaining Dharma.

Read an interview with Alan Carter for Mandala magazine

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