The Four Immeasurables – Geshe Tenzin Zopa @ HBC Jun 2021

Teachings by Geshe Zopa (In Person) at HBC

The Four Immeasurables 1, 8, 15 and 22 Jun at 7.30pm
We are so grateful that English speaking Geshe Zopa has kindly agreed to take a short break from his retreat to give these teaching at Hayagriva.

The Four Immeasurables are so called as they are directed towards an immeasurable number of beings. These qualities help transform the way we look at ourselves and others by breaking down the barriers we create in our interactions.

  • Equanimity involves freedom from strong reactions (positive or negative) to others and events.
  • Love involves wanting others (even those who annoy you) to have happiness.
  • Compassion is the wish everyone be free from pain and its causes.
  • Joy is taking delight in the happiness of others.

Suitable for new or experienced students
By donation

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All sessions with Geshe Zopa are being “live streamed” and recorded on HBC’s YouTube Channel.

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