Tantric Orchestra Practice every Friday 7pm

Weekly Tantric Orchestra Practice CANCELLED

Every Friday at 7pm

First Session: Friday 6 Aug 2021

This event has been cancelled until further notice.

Every Friday evening there will be a practice session of Tibetan musical instruments comprising conches, cymbals, horns, bells and drums whilst focussing on aspects of the Guru Padmasambhava Puja. The strong rhythm generated by these instruments builds good energy in participants and also creates merit and the devotional aspect can lead our minds into deep concentration and joy.

The aim of these sessions is to develop proficiency in these instruments and form an orchestra to accompany the Guru Padmasambhava Puja, which will be organized for a later date when everyone is ready. All are welcome to learn how to use these musical instruments. No one here is an expert.

About Guru Padmasambhava Puja

We are introducing a Guru Padmasambhava Puja to the Centre’s program; this is a lively puja dedicated towards world peace, relief from pandemics, famine and obscurations to spiritual progress. Padmasambhava is recognised by all the Tibetan schools so we are aiming eventually to see if we can use this as a bridge between all the Tibetan centres in Perth. This is also a chance to experiment with multi-faith participation; the universal, current, and topical nature of the prayers will make this attractive.

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