Ven Chokyi – One-Day Meditation Retreat – 20 Nov 2021

Wisdom and Compassion

One-Day Meditation Retreat

Saturday 20 Nov 9am-5pm

The bliss and clarity of the mind in all sentient beings is temporarily obscured. The degree to which we are obscured is the degree to which we suffer. Conversely as we become less obscured we become more naturally happy. The goal of practice is to reduce these obscurations – of which there are two: self grasping ignorance and selfish concern disregarding others. Tibetan Buddhism has come up with a range of practices to counter these. On this retreat day we will sample these techniques which include formal meditation, mantra practice and walking meditation so that natural happiness may start to arise.

There will be breaks between sessions with free tea and coffee.

Bring Your Own lunch

Facilitation fee: $20 per person

Places are limited – book now

Click here to BOOK ONLINE in advance

Note: Due to COVID-19, all registrations must be made online.

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