Compassion & Wisdom in Action – Online Conference 15-20 Nov 2021

Compassion & Wisdom in Action

Online Conference 15-20 Nov 2021

Join a fantastic line-up of speakers online as they explore the potential for compassionate and wise action in all aspects of our lives, our relationships and the world around us. Click here for more information and to register to attend any of the sessions (using Zoom). The sessions are taking place on London time (GMT). Perth is 8 hours ahead of London. For convenience, the dates and times in the list of sessions below are adjusted to Perth time (AWST = Australia Western Standard Time).

  • 15 Nov 5pm-6.30pm AWST: Ven Lozang Tsultrim Kindness No Matter What
  • 16 Nov 12midn-1.30am AWST: Tenzin Ösel Hita Ösel – A Global Conversation
  • 16 Nov 5am-6am AWST: Laurie Doyle Self Compassion – one of the greatest gifts we can offer others
  • 16 Nov 6pm-7.30pm AWST: Marian O’Dwyer Living the Four Wisdom Themes
  • 16 Nov 9pm-10.30pm AWST: Mabel Odessey Kindful Communication
  • 17 Nov 2am-3.30am AWST: Ven Tenzin Chogkyi Deepening Our Aspirations Through Core Values
  • 17 Nov 5pm-6.30pm AWST: Paul Wielgus The Joy of Extinction
  • 17 Nov 9pm-10pm AWST: Kirsten DeLeo Present Through to End
  • 18 Nov 2am-3am AWST: Ven Robina Courtin Getting a Grip on Mind
  • 18 Nov 9pm-10.30pm AWST: Denise Flora Root Shoot Bloom
  • 19 Nov 2am-3.30am AWST: Dr Joey Weber Embracing Equanimity for Social Action
  • 19 Nov 5pm-6.30pm AWST: Bruno Rizzi Awareness of Death Finding Meaning in Life
  • 19 Nov 9pm-10.30pm AWST: Andy Wiestreich Serving the World
  • 19 Nov 11pm-12.30am AWST: Craig Mackie Compassion as the Motivation
  • 20 Nov 2am-3.30am AWST: Hilary McMichael Transforming Suffering
  • 20 Nov 6pm-7.30pm AWST: Marisa Femenia & Paloma Belda Devolver La Bondad (in Spanish)
  • 20 Nov 8pm-9pm AWST: Lama Zopa Rinpoche Closing Session – pre-recorded video
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