Heart Sutra Teachings – Advanced Classes

These teachings on the Heart Sutra are given on Tuesday evenings by Geshe Sonam beginning on 13 Jan 2015. They are intended for more experienced students. These classes are recorded for all to listen.

Click here to listen to Geshe Sonam give the transmission (loong) of the short version of The Sutra of the Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom from 07 April 2015 This is the sutra given in Tibetan in its entirety. It was taken by Geshe Sonam at the feet of Kyabje Choden Rinpoche who took it from his root spiritual masters. Thus it traces back in an unbroken stream to Shakyamuni Buddha himself. Includes short visualization.

Recordings of Yamantaka Practice

On the last Tuesday of each month Geshela will explain aspects of the Yamantaka Practice. These teachings require a Yamantaka Initiation. Recordings of the teachings are available by clicking on the link below. When you open this link you will find that it is protected by a password. This password can be obtained from our Spiritual Program Co-ordinator or via email to spc@hayagriva.org.au. In your email please advise which centre you are affiliated with, the initiation you have received, from whom and when.

Click here to listen to the recordings of teachings for the Yamantaka Practice