Venerable Robina July 2016 – Audio Recordings

We are so fortunate to have this collection of audio recordings of teachings by Venerable Robina Courtin given in July 2016 at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre. A description of each topic is provided below.

To listen to the audio recording of a session just click on one of the dates below:

Venerable Robina Courtin

Buddhist Meditation for Busy People

During these two evenings we will learn to understand and practice various meditation techniques, such as visualizing the buddhas, concentration meditation, analytical meditation, and meditation on the clear nature of our mind.

Can You Love Without Attachment?

We assume that love and attachment mean the same thing. But the Buddhist way of understanding our emotions is that attachment is the neurotic, needy, dissatisfied part of us that yearns for someone out there.

Love, on the other hand, is referring to an altruistic part of our being – a connection with others, to wish that they be happy, and delight in their wellbeing. We have both of these but it’s so hard to see the difference.

A Bird Needs Two Wings: Wisdom and Compassion

During these three evenings we will learn about the central points of Buddha’s worldview: impermanence, how we create and how to purify karma, bodhichitta, and emptiness and dependent arising.