Venerable Dondrub at HBC – Jan 2020



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Ven Thubten Dondrub has been ordained for more than 40 years. During that time he has taken many teachings from high lamas, disciplined his mind with many retreats and lives the path. He is a former respected teacher at Hayagriva and is currently the resident teacher at our sister centre in Adelaide. Click here for his full biography.

Ven Dondrub will give teachings at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre from 16 to 28 January. He is a popular teacher and we encourage you to book your seats in advance online using the form below. You can also pay at the door.

Note: Sangha are admitted free to all sessions, please contact

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to attend, please email our SPC a few days before.

Concession rate is available to Seniors card holder, Student card holders, and recipients of a support pension (New Start, Centrelink, Disability).

All funds collected at these sessions are used to cover the cost of bringing the teacher to Hayagriva.

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Venerable Dondrub’s Programme Details

  • “Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation”
    Teaching: Fri 17 Jan 7.30pm (Part 1)
    Workshop: Sat 18 Jan 10am – 4pm (Part 2)
    Evening teaching and full-day workshop.
    Learn or freshen up your insights with an overview of the Buddhist path interlaced with meditations that help you integrate the theory into practical solutions to help you live a more balanced, calmer and happier life. The Buddhist teachings work. They’ve changed the lives of millions of practitioners over the last 2,500 years.
    Teaching $25 ($20 Members/Concession)
    Workshop $60 ($45 Members/Concession) – Please bring a vegetarian dish for sharing at lunch
    Both $80 ($60 Members/Concession)
    Book online below or pay at the door.
  • “Renunciation and Refuge”
    Sun 19 Jan 2pm
    “Don’t think, as many do, that renunciation means giving something desirable up. But there’s a dangerous fire burning inside you. That’s what you have to extinguish; what you have to renounce, let go, is the flaming mind of grasping attachment. That’s what’s burning you.” Lama Thubten Yeshe, 1935 – 84, founder of the FPMT
    That’s renunciation. Refuge is what you rely on to make you happy now and into the future.
    By donation. No booking required.
  • “Emptiness – Dissolving the Ego”
    Tue 21 and 28 Jan 7.30pm
    Teaching over 2 Tuesdays.
    “Emptiness (shunyata) is the reality of the existence of ourselves and all the phenomena around us.” Lama Thubten Yeshe, 1935 – 84, founder of the FPMT
    An understanding of this critical Buddhist concept will change forever the way you view yourself, others, your possessions and the world around you.
    One Teaching $25 ($20 Members/Concession)
    Both Teachings $45 ($35 Members/Concession)
  • “Karma – Cause and Effect”
    Teaching: Fri 24 Jan 7.30pm (Part 1)
    Workshop: Sat 25 Jan 10am – 4pm (Part 2)
    Evening teaching and full-day workshop.
    “In ordinary life, some people are more successful than others for no obvious reason. We just say that he or she is lucky, but these are instances of the working of positive karma.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    Teaching $25 ($20 Members/Concession)
    Workshop $60 ($45 Members/Concession) – Please bring a vegetarian dish to share at lunch
    Both $80 ($60 Members/Concession)

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