Venerable Robina Courtin in Western Australia – July 2018



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Sessions at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre

  • Purging the Scourge of Social Anger
    7:30pm Wed 18th, Thu 19th July
    Is social media stuffing around with our minds? Are we more negative and exhausted by the harsh opinions? Can short moments of agitation and annoyance be a disrupter to our emotional wellbeing. Hear how to protect our minds.
    Cost: $25 a session (Members $20)
    or $40 for two sessions (Members $30)

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  • A Chat about Deity Practice (*Initiates only)
    11am Thu 19th July
    Discussion on various topics to help your practice and Q&A.
    By donation
    (*Please check prerequisites with
    HBC’s Spiritual Program Coordinator on 0422337524
    Not suitable for Shugden practitioners.)

  • What is Dying and What is Reborn?
    7:30pm Wed 25th, Thu 26th July
    Hear the Buddhist view on death and why it is really important to go calmly.
    Suitable for those who will die one day
    Cost: $25 a session (Members $20)
    or $40 for two sessions (Members $30)

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  • Transforming Entanglements in Our Relationships
    10:30am-4:30pm Saturday 28th July
    Are our relationships governed by unhealthy attachment to persons or experiences? Hear how to turn these dependencies into a balanced and happier connection with others.
    Cost: Full Day $55 (Member $45)
    (Please bring veg lunch to share)

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  • Merely Meditating
    11:30am -12:30pm Sunday 29th July
    Why do we meditate? Does it help with being happy? Keeping your eyes closed doesn’t help much but developing a mental attitude through regular practice does.
    Suitable for all interested in meditation.
    By donation

Sessions at Other WA Towns

Session at Other Perth Venue

  • Dhammaloka, 18 Nanson Way, Nollamara
    27th July Fri 7.30-9pm*
    How to Approach Our Fear of Missing Out?
    Sometimes it’s overt, other times it is a subtle unfulfilled need to have more, have better and bigger things. At what expense is this on our wellbeing?
    (*Note 7:00-7:30pm Chanting from pre-recorded tape, 7:30-8:00pm Guided meditation by Venerable Robina)


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    Purging the Scourge of Social Anger:

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    Purging the Scourge of Social Anger:

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    What is Dying and What is Reborn?:

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